Shield N Seal

Shield N Seal is a family business, owned and operated in the gorgeous foothills of The Sierra Nevada's

All of the sealer machines are built to withstand repeated use, are repairable, and come with a maintenance kit. The plastics are tested to ensure that are food safe, BPA free, and without any other harsh chemicals that might leach into your food.  The Bags and rolls are 5mm thick, which is heavier that most other bags on the market, and they come in a variety of styles to suit a variety of needs.

Shield n Seal

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Black and Clear ProductsBlack And Clear

These Rolls & Bags are our best selling products. Adaptable and Versatile.


All Black Products

Protect your food from harmful light exposure, and maintain your privacy.

All Clear Products

All Clear Products

For chefs who want total visibility throughout their entire process.

Metallic Products

Metallic Products

Metallic products are amazing for long term storage. Total Protection